Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Equine Landscape

Here are a few images from an ongoing series.

Dressage at Devon, 2006

Dressage at Devon, PA 2006

Nicholas and Oliver

Nicholas and Oliver, New Jersey 2006

More Daily Life

More scenes from daily life, in Black and White.
Summer baths, horse girls at an island horse show, Kodiak and one color photo of my neighbor, the reluctant appaloosa * some of this film was damaged*

Equus Project

Equus Project Workshop, Huntington, NY
October 2006

More Equus Project

More images from the Equus Projects

New York City Horses

The men and horses of Central Park. I apologize to them for losing the addresses I took to send them copies. Also, sorry to the guy who asked me to marry him, Im taken.


Portraits of humans from Brooklyn, Martha's Vineyard and Boston.